Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bosse Responds to Hodes' Latest Gimmick

Challenges Democrat to Back Real Solutions for Veterans Health Care

(Concord) Responding to Paul Hodes latest election-year gimmick, Republican Grant Bosse today challenged the Democrat to back real reform to the VA System and real solutions to bring down gas prices. Hodes is proposing an increase in the mileage reimbursement for veterans who have to travel to receive medical care. Hodes opposes letting veterans use their benefits at any hospital they choose, and has repeatedly blocked efforts to increase domestic gasoline production.

“If Paul Hodes were serious about fixing this problem, he would let veterans use the hospital closest to them,” Bosse said. “Instead he keeps them trapped in a system that requires long commutes and fails to provide the best care.”

Bosse’s Health Care Plan contains specific recommendations to increase veterans health care choices, and improve service-related care in the VA. Bosse’s Energy Plan provides concrete steps to increase domestic energy supply, improve competition, and bring down gas prices.

“Paul Hodes could have finally supported real solutions on health care, veterans, and energy,” Bosse added. “Instead, he staged another photo-op to announce another election year gimmick, throwing our money at a problem instead of proposing a real solution.”

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