Thursday, July 17, 2008

WMUR Survey

WMUR has asked for my thoughts on a number of top issues, and I'm glad to share my responses:

Fuel Prices
Congress has consistently stood in the way of expanding domestic fuel production, from Alaska to the Outer Continental Shelf, and now oil sands in the Western U.S. Congress has put burdensome regulations in the way of new oil refineries and nuclear power plants. And Congress has held back the development of advanced alternatives by wasting taxpayer dollars to subsidize ethanol and other favored industries. My Comprehensive Energy Plan would repeal subsidies for fossil fuels, open up American land for energy development, and level the playing field for alternative fuels. Congress can take the first step by lifting its moratorium on offshore oil exploration and opening the Alaska oil fields.

The War In Iraq
A narrow sect of Islam threatens to bring a new dark age on the world, and we need to win. Iraq is the central battleground in that global war. After too many years and too many lost soldiers, we have changed our tactics in Iraq to meet that threat, and we are winning. Paul Hodes and Barack Obama had one test of their foreign policy expertise, and they failed. They said the Surge couldn't work, and would have surrendered this central battleground to Islamic radicals. Paul Hodes has also played political games with troop funding, holding it hostage to pork-barrel spending, and opposing troop funding when the pork was removed. I promise to give our troops the support they need to complete their mission and come home, and will never let a disagreement over foreign policy endanger troops in the field.

The Economy/Rising Cost Of Living
By running up deficit spending and an enormous national debt, Congress has put a tremendous strain on our national economy. By printing too much money and tinkering with interest rates, the Federal Reserve has devalued the dollar. Inflation is a silent tax on everything, and every American. We need a Congress to finally show some fiscal discipline, to stop funding earmarked projects in the dead of night, and to return control over our economic lives to the American people. The core of the American economy is still strong, if we can get Congress out of the way.

Health Care
America leads the world in the quality of health care, but that care is becoming increasingly hard for many Americans to afford. Rising costs and increased government interference are driving up health insurance premiums, and driving out consumer choice. My Comprehensive Health Care Plan would return control over health care decisions to doctors and patients, give consumers real choice between competing insurance plans, and improve access for veterans to any doctor or hospital they wish to use. While Paul Hodes votes to cut competition under Medicare, I will work to increase competition, reduce costs, and increase medical choice and accessibility for all Americans.

Mortgage Crisis
When responsible home owners and renters have trouble making their payments, there are consequences. When banks and irresponsible borrowers can't meet their commitments, they ask for a bailout, and too many Congressmen go along with it. Taxpayer bailouts of banks or irresponsible home buyers undermine the basic faith in contracts that are the strength of the American economy. By voting for a $300 Billion bailout, Paul Hodes has helped fuel the next housing bubble, and the next mortgage bailout.

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