Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bosse's Posse Hits the Campaign Trail

Republican Candidate Launches Grassroots Volunteer Organization

(Hillsboro) Republican Grant Bosse today launched “Bosse’s Posse”, a group of grassroots volunteers from across New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District.

“Grassroots still matter in New Hampshire, and grassroots campaigns still win,” Bosse said. “I've run the most aggressive, grassroots campaign, and I’m reaching out to anyone who wants to return the Republican Party to its core principles to join Bosse’s Posse.”

The Bosse campaign has attracted longtime Republican activists such as Jim Rubens, Walt Morse and Forrest McKerley, as well as political newcomers like State Representative candidates Dawn Lincoln, David Recupero and Larry Scott. Bosse's Posse recognizes Bosse as the only candidate to take both the "No Earmarks Pledge" and "Taxpayer Protection Pledge", the only candidate to call for reform of the franking privilege and promise not to send unsolicited mail, and the only candidate to release comprehensive plans to reform both the health care and energy markets.


Henry Ahern, Plymouth
Derek Birch, Plymouth
Sheridan Brown, Concord
Jim Carew, Hillsboro
Anne Cartwright, Alstead
Joseph Cartwright, Alstead
Karen Cervantes, Lebanon
Raul Cervantes, Lebanon
Terry Colls, New Ipswich
Anne Copp, Danbury
Ralph Doolan, Littleton
Cindy Downing, Plymouth
Theresa Drabinowicz, Nashua
Terri Dudley, Lebanon
Jim Durdan, Berlin
Clarissa Durdan, Berlin
Kevin Ellicott, Lebanon
Michael Flathers, Salem
Rich Florino, Windham
Bob Fredette, Antrim
Dave Fullerton, Hillsboro
Micah Haber, Nashua
Paul Haley, Hillsboro
Ryan Hansen, Milford
Jean Johnson, Lancaster
Robert Johnson, Lancaster
Don Keith, Bradford
Dawn Lincoln, Westmoreland
Tom Linehan,. Salem
Alan Lowe, Randolph
Greg Lull, Washington
Forrest McKerley, Loudon
Bonnie Morse, Hillsboro
Walt Morse, Hillsboro
Bob Pagano, Henniker
SuzAnne-Marie Rak, Nashua
Dave Recupero, Deering
Bill Regan, Claremont
Skip Reiley, Alexandria
Gloria Reopel, Hillsboro
Mike Reopel, Hillsboro
Mike Rogers, Hollis
Jim Rubens, Etna
Larry Scott, Tilton
Charlie Siggins, Whitefield
Linda Siwik, Amherst
Adele Smith, Charlestown
Steve Smith, Charlestown
Jack Spanos, Bennington
Frank Sterling, Jaffrey
Gary Vago, Nashua
Julie Vago, Nashua
Mary Ward, Newport
Rodd Ward, Newport
Aaron Zipper, Washington

Find more about Bosse’s aggressive, grassroots campaign at www.Bosse2008.com.

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