Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hodes Part of Least Popular Congress in History

Bosse blames abysmal 9% approval rating on failed Hodes-Pelosi policies

(Hillsboro) Republican Grant Bosse today said the failed policies of Nancy Pelosi and Paul Hodes have dragged Congressional approval into single digits for the first time. Rasmussen Reports shows only nine percent of Americans believe Congress is doing a “good or excellent job”, while a record-high tying 52% believe Congress is doing a “poor job”. This marks the first time in Rasmussen’s history of polling that Congressional approval dipped below ten percent.

“The failed policies of Paul Hodes and Nancy Pelosi have made this Congress the least popular in American history,” said Bosse. “Paul Hodes has voted in lockstep with Democratic leadership, and against the people of New Hampshire.”

The following are some of the failed policies of the Pelosi-Hodes Congress:

· A record $683 Billion tax increase, part of a record-high $3 Trillion federal budget

· A $300 Billion Farm Bill that will raise food prices across the country

· Failed energy policies that have driven gas prices to record levels

· Playing political games with troop funding

· Allowing our terrorist surveillance programs to expire

· Failing to address illegal immigration

Bosse has been a leader in calling for a return to the Republican Party’s core priorities, such as protecting taxpayers, protecting gun owners, and protecting life. Find more about Bosse’s campaign at www.Bosse2008.com.

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