Monday, July 28, 2008

From the Berlin Daily Sun

Bosse hitting the streets, working towards primary victory

Craig Lyons
BERLIN — Republican Congressional candidate Grant Bosse promised to be here early and often during his campaign and has held true to that promise.
On Thursday, Bosse went door-to-door, around Berlin, to speak with voters and promote his candidacy. He has frequently swung through Berlin since launching his campaign in late February, stopping at events including Brewtopia, Drive Into the 50s and even stopping at the New Hampshire Chiefs of Police Association meeting at the Town and Country Motor Inn.
Before braving the rain, on Thursday, and knocking on doors, Bosse stopped at the "Berlin Daily Sun" for a short question and answer session.

How would you summarize the overall message of your campaign?

“Stop spending our money. Congress has got too much power over our daily lives and they spend too much of our money. I’m really focusing on finding specific ways to cut federal programs and lower the federal budget. That’s why we’re in the middle of ‘50 Days 50 Ways’ to cut federal spending. Every day I’m going to propose a federal program that I think we can do without.”

So what’s today’s program?

“Today’s program is the Community Services Block Grant. This is a political slush fund of about half a billion dollars a year. Congress hands this out to local political allies who can then hand out the money. It was founded as an antipoverty program but it has yet to demonstrate in 25 years that it helps to fix poverty. I’d rather we spend our resources on programs that can show results, and are accountable for how they spend our money The Community Services Block Grant, last year, spend $654 million and can’t show that it actually fought poverty.”
How are you distinguishing yourself from the other three Republican candidates?

“I think it’s the level of detail I’m providing. The willingness to provide real solutions more than campaign talking points. I’ve got a detailed energy plan, a detailed health care plan and while a lot of people complained about Paul Hodes abusing the franking privilege, I came up with a up with a way to prevent the franking privilege from ever being abused again. And I think that comes together in ‘50 Days 50 Ways.’ that I'm not just talking about cutting federal spending, I’m willing to show where we can save the tax payers money. And my opponents haven’t gotten beyond the campaign talking points.”

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