Friday, July 18, 2008

Who Said It?

The health insurance industry is a regulated industry. As a for-profit business, its goal is to make money. That is why decades ago government began regulating it to ensure equity and fair access.

Paul Hodes?
Hugo Chavez?
Bob Clegg?

I'll never understand those who say that health care is too important to be left to the market, and then trust government to get it right. Mandates drive up costs, and drive out competition. This makes it harder for people to find affordable health care. We can not mandate our way to lower health care costs. Jeanne Shaheen tried and failed. John Lynch is trying, but this latest mandate was too much for even him to publicly support. Now Bob Clegg wants to micromanage your health care, and the results is going to be higher insurance premiums and fewer choices for New Hampshire families.

We have a clear choice on September 9th. My message of smaller government and more personal responsibility, or more of Bob Clegg's Nanny State.

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