Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday in Hillsboro

"What a thrill. Growing up in Hillsboro, I never thought I'd be walking in our annual parade as a candidate for Congress. But I got to do just that this afternoon at the Hillsboro Balloon Festival Parade. Thanks to everyone who marched with us from Hillsboro-Deering High School, past the house were I grew up, through the square in the center of town, and down to Grimes Field, where I hit my one and only homerun in high school.

Thanks to Mike Reopel from driving his 1931 Model A Ford, festooned with Bosse for Congress signs of course. The car had a little trouble starting as the parade kicked off, so we needed to give it a push. A special thank you to Bob Clegg and his guys from lending us a shoulder to the car moving. It was a kind and spontaneous gesture, and it was appreciated.

The Fireman's Muster is going on now, and if you're nearby, there's still time to get a sausage and peppers or a steak bomb before the Balloon Fest closes for another year. What a great day to be in Hillsboro." -Grant

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