Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bosse Backs More Choice in Health Care, What About Bob?

(Nashua) Republican Grant Bosse today called on rival Bob Clegg to drop his push for increased health care mandates which are driving up health insurance costs for New Hampshire families. Bosses’s Comprehensive Health Care Plan would allow all Americans to buy health insurance across state lines, avoiding the costly mandates that Clegg has helped impose in New Hampshire.

“We can’t mandate our way to lower health insurance costs. We need to expand consumer choice, and leave health care decisions to patients and their doctors,” Bosse said. “Bob Clegg has consistently voted for more mandates and more government interference in health care, and that’s going to mean higher health insurance premiums for all of us.”

Clegg supported Governor John Lynch’s recent health insurance legislation which creates a state bureaucracy to design a health care plan for all New Hampshire insurance companies, set the price for that plan, and require every company in the state to offer it. Clegg was also the lead sponsor of the bariatric surgery mandate that Lynch let pass into law without his signature. Both bills will decrease health care options for New Hampshire families, and lead to higher health insurance premiums.

“Bob Clegg’s health care mandates were too much for even John Lynch to support, but we’ll be paying for them anyway,” Bosse added. “I want to expand health care options for New Hampshire families, and help make health insurance affordable by getting Congress out of the way. What about Bob?”

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