Saturday, August 23, 2008

From the Laconia Citizen

Grant met recently with the Editorial Board of the Laconia Citizen. John Koziol writes about Grant's aggressive grassroots campaign in this morning's edition.

If the voters of the Second Congressional District want a representative who will bring home the bacon, Grant Bosse says he is not your man.But if they want somebody who will help them "keep dollars in their own pockets" instead of sending them to Washington, D.C., then Bosse, during a recent meeting with the editorial board of The Citizen, said he may, indeed, be just they guy they're looking for.

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No Bullshit said...

I'm just an observer from down here in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts, but I gotta tell you all something. You are so damn lucky to have folks like mister Bosse running for office that I'm turning a little green with envy. It's actually reassuring to know that somewhere in New England there are still people of character who are willing to call a spade a spade. PS; To all you transplants from down here. You all had very good reasons for moving up there, now don't screw the place up by turning it into another Massachusetts You can't have it both ways.