Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bosse Calls for Hodes to Denounce Democratic Insults

Democratic Party Insults Patriotic New Hampshire Workers, Hodes Remains Silent

(Nashua) Republican Grant Bosse today called on Paul Hodes to break his silence, and repudiate the insulting statements from the Democratic Party describing New Hampshire workers as “war profiteers.” The Union Leader this morning editorialized against the Democrats’ recent press release describing New Hampshire firms like BAE Systems and Tyco International as “bilking the American taxpayers for billions.”

“Far-left radicals have taken over the New Hampshire Democratic Party, and are spreading their hatred for patriotic Americans who’ve dedicated their lives to protecting those who protect us,” Bosse said. “Yet Paul Hodes remains silent. When will he stand up and say that these radicals don’t speak for him?”

The Democratic Party has criticized Sen. John Sununu and other Republicans for accepting campaign contributions from employees of defense contractors, even though employees from BAE Systems, Tyco, Raytheon, and Verizon have made similar contributions to Democratic candidates over the years.

“I’ve toured BAE Systems, and seen the ground-breaking work they do to keep our troops safe. They also happen to be New Hampshire’s largest manufacturing employer,” Bosse added. “Paul Hodes can tell us if he stands with the hateful left-wing radicals who run the Democratic Party, or he can continue his silence.”

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