Tuesday, August 12, 2008

From the Keene Sentinel

David Greisman of the Keene Sentinel writes about Grant's recent visit with the Sentinel's Editorial Board:

Grant Bosse spent half a decade working for Sen. John E. Sununu as a congressional staffer in Washington, D.C. As the Hillsboro native runs for his own seat in the nation’s capital, he is advocating that the federal government play less of a role in the lives of Americans.

“I think there are areas where the government can establish a safety net, but that doesn’t mean the government should be the first solution,” Bosse of Hillsboro said Friday in a meeting with Sentinel editors.

“There are voices for reform down there (in Washington) right now that are standing up and saying, ‘I don’t need to have the right answer. I’m going to turn power back to the people, and we’re going to have a smaller government, and Congress is going to be making fewer decisions,’ ” he said. “Because it’s not our job to make those decisions for you. I’d add another voice to that chorus.”

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