Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bosse's Commitment to Cut Spending Dominates Salem Debate

Bosse: $30 billion in annual spending cuts; Opponents; $0

(Salem) Republican Grant Bosse once again outshined his primary opponents at tonight's candidates' forum, sponsored by the Salem Chamber of Commerce. Bosse's unmatched commitment to cutting federal spending dominated the debate, as once again Bosse was the only candidate to propose specific cuts to the federal budget.

"If we're going to prove to taxpayers that we're serious about cutting federal spending, we have to say where we're willing to cut," said Bosse. "And again tonight, my opponents proposed zero dollars in taxpayer savings, while I proposed $30 billion per year."

Bosse highlighted many of the programs listed in his innovative "50 Days, 50 Ways to Cut Federal Spending" initiative, such as ethanol subsidies, corporate welfare, and pork-barrel spending. Bosse also promised on his first day in Congress that he would introduce legislation blocking Congressional pay raises until Congress balances the budget.

"I'm proud to have run the most detailed, most comprehensive, grassroots conservative campaign, but I can summarize it all in just ten words. Stop spending, start drilling, get government out of the way," Bosse concluded. "But 45 years ago today, Dr. King summarized it more eloquently and more succinctly, 'Let Freedom Ring'."

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