Tuesday, August 26, 2008

From the Concord Monitor

Grant recently met with the Editorial Board of the Concord Monitor. Melanie Asmar summarizes Grant's staunch defense of the free market, and unmatched commitment to reduced federal spending and smaller government.

In a meeting with the Monitor's editorial board last week, Bosse, a former radio reporter who worked as a staffer for Sen. John Sununu for five years, displayed an in-depth knowledge of policy and a devotion to capitalist principals.

Bosse said he agrees with traditional Republican views on foreign policy and social issues but believes that "at its heart, the Republican Party is a taxpayers' party." Bosse described himself as a "free-market conservative" and said he thinks Republicans should focus more on economic reform.

For starters, Bosse said, Congress needs to control spending. He pointed to his proposal for 50 different cuts to the discretionary budget that he says would save $30 billion a year, or 1 percent of the overall budget. Doing so for eight years would save enough money to finance Social Security, he said.

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