Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What About Bob?

Why Won’t Clegg Take Taxpayer Protection Pledge?

(Keene) Republican Grant Bosse today asked why rival Bob Clegg has so far refused to take the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge”. Bosse has pledged to oppose any increase in federal taxes. Clegg signed the pledge from Americans for Tax Reform as a candidate for State Senate, but hasn’t made a similar commitment in his campaign for Congress this year.

“Why won’t Bob Clegg take the Taxpayer Protection Pledge? He’s taken it in the past. Why is he now open to increasing taxes if elected to Congress?” Bosse asked. “I’ve made a firm commitment to not only oppose tax increases, but to actually cut federal spending. What about Bob?”

Bosse is proposing 50 specific spending cuts over the final 50 days of the Republican Primary campaign. He signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge on Tax Day, April 15th. Americans for Tax Reform lists Bob Clegg as signing the pledge as a state candidate, but does not list him taking the federal Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Jeb Bradley, Jennifer Horn, and John Stephen are also pledge signers.

“Washington doesn’t have a revenue problem. It has a spending problem. The answer can’t be higher taxes,” Bosse said. “I’ve committed to both cutting spending and opposing any tax increase. What about Bob?”

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