Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Charles M. Arlinghaus: Conventions are tax-funded indulgences

Charlie Arlinghaus, whose columns are must-reads for anyone tracking the Lynch Fiscal Meltdown at the State House, turns his attention to the taxpayer subsidies for the Democratic and Republican Conventions in this morning's Union Leader:

The Democrats and the Republicans will each receive a check for $16.82 million courtesy of you and me. In addition, state and local taxpayers in Minnesota and Colorado will contribute tens of millions of dollars for the dubious privilege of having their city disrupted by the descending hordes of delegates, media and camp followers. In 2000, state and local taxpayers funded $77.6 million of the two conventions, according to the Campaign Finance Institute.

Ending this waste of tax dollars is just one of the 50 Ways we can cut federal spending.

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