Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Grant Bosse Returns to the Airwaves

Commercial highlights Bosse's conservative message, commitment to smaller government

(Concord) Award-winning reporter Grant Bosse returns to the New Hampshire airwaves today with the first radio ad for his Congressional campaign. The 60-spot, titled "Broken" highlights Bosse's conservative message for the Republican Party, his commitment to cutting federal spending, and his plan to increase domestic energy production, both from offshore drilling and alternative energies.

"I got my start covering New Hampshire politics on local radio, and it's good to be back on the air," Bosse said. "Whether it's on the radio, in the mail, or going door to door, I'm committed to reaching as many people as possible between now and September 9th in order to earn their vote."

The ads will run in various radio markets across New Hampshire between now and the Republican Primary on September 9th. For more information on Bosse's superior grassroots campaign, go to

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