Monday, August 4, 2008

From the PBVRC

Nick from the Pemi-Baker Valley Republican Committee writes about Grant's visit to the committee's meeting last night in Plymouth. It's clear that Grant's superior message is reaching voters all over the state.

Mr. Bosse spoke on the issues of earmarks (which he thinks should be outlawed), an increase in domestic oil drilling (which he supports) and school choice (which he supports and believes will increase the quality of public schools). Mr. Bosse believes in low taxes and limited government. He is disgusted with the way in which Washington politicians spend tax payer dollars like it belongs to them. Mr. Bosse said quite eloquently "If you want a congressman who's going to "bring home the bacon" and send back a dime on the dollar you sent down to Washington, that's not me, you'll have to find another candidate, but if you want a candidate who's going to fight to let you keep more of your money in the first place I'm your man." Mr. Bosse was engaging and personable. I think it's safe to say that all the committee members were impressed with Mr. Bosse and he'll have no trouble finding support in the Plymouth Area.

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