Friday, August 29, 2008

On the Air: New Hampshire Public Radio

New Hampshire Public Radio profiles the Second District Republican Primary. Reporter Amy Quinton notes that four candidates are running on the same issues, but that Grant Bosse is differentiating himself by making a real commitment to cut federal spending:
Thirty-six year old Bosse worked in Washington for Senator John Sununu.
He characterizes himself as the true fiscal conservative in the race.
"I am proposing 50 days and 50 ways to cut federal spending. I think if we want taxpayers to believe us again, we have to get serious about where to cut federal spending."
With less money than his opponents, he’s spent most of his time campaigning door to door and town to town – as he did at Bristol’s Old Home Days.
“I’m Grant Bosse I’m running for Congress ..okay Grant, what’s your platform. Smaller government, strong defense, and secure borders…”
Bosse says voters are starting to recognize him.

You can listen to the entire piece online here:
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