Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bosse Continues Fight Against Corporate Welfare

“50 Days, 50 Ways” Cuts Taxpayer Subsidies to Private Business

(Hillsboro) Republican Grant Bosse today continued his fight against corporate welfare and Congressional pork, calling for the elimination of three more federal programs that cost taxpayers $73 million a year. So far, Bosse has proposed 31 specific cuts in federal spending, which would save taxpayers more than $19.1 billion every year.

“The best way for American business to compete internationally is for Congress to remove the regulatory hurdles that stand in their way. Taxpayers should be let off the hook,” Bosse argued. “Corporate welfare doesn’t stimulate the American economy. It allows Congress to reward businesses owned by their friends and political allies, and punish businesses run by their competitors.”

Bosse would eliminate the Foreign Market Development Program, which subsidizes U.S. agricultural exports at a cost of $24 million year, the Appalachian Regional Commission, a $39 million pork-barrel project that duplicates existing development and highway projects, and the Emergency Steel Guarantee Program, which spends $10 million a year even though steel prices have risen 67% since 2003.

“When politicians argue that we need their pork barrel projects or corporate welfare, we should ask if it’s worth sending the bill to the next generation,” Bosse added. “So far, I’ve proposed $19.1 billion in annual savings from our bloated federal budget. I’m still waiting for my Republican challengers to offer their ideas.”

To date, Bosse has proposed more than $19.1 billion in taxpayer savings by eliminating unnecessary federal programs. To learn more about Bosse’s aggressive grassroots campaign, go to www.Bosse2008.com.

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