Monday, August 11, 2008

What About Bob?

Bosse Challenges Clegg to Take No Earmarks Pledge

(Concord) Republican Grant Bosse today challenged rival Bob Clegg to renounce his support for a failed earmark system that has corrupted how Congress spends taxpayers’ money. Bosse is the first candidate in New Hampshire to take the “No Earmarks Pledge”, promising to not only vote against pork-barrel spending in Congress, but also pledging to forego secret earmarks for himself.

“Why does Bob Clegg insist on defending a corrupt earmarks system, which uses worthy federal projects to cloak wasteful pork-barrel spending from public outrage?” Bosse said. “I want to abolish earmarks once and for all. What about Bob?”

Earmarks are individual spending projects, placed in the Conference Reports accompanying federal appropriations. Because they are not included in the text of the bill itself, earmarks do not receive open votes on the House and Senate floors, can not be amended, and are not subject to the same notice and disclosure requirements as other legislation. FreedomWorks has sponsored the “No Earmarks Pledge” in an effort to break Congress’s addiction to earmarks. Bosse is the first New Hampshire Congressional candidate to take the “No Earmarks Pledge” and has been joined by Republicans John Stephen and Jim Steiner.

“Abolishing earmarks will give the public a look at the backroom deals that fuel out of control spending. It will also prevent members of Congress from hiding their pork among the worthy federal projects that would have no problem receiving funding in an open budget process,” Bosse added. “I wiil fight to abolish earmarks, and refuse to participate in this corrupt practice. What about Bob?”

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