Monday, August 11, 2008

From the Associated Press

Grant responded to the Associated Press' candidate survey on economic issues. Grant argued about how the economic stimulus checks protect incumbent Congressmen, and how Congress needs to get out of the way of the housing market.

Bosse, a former legislative assistant to Sen. John Sununu, said Congress threw money at the struggling economy without lessening the taxes, mandates and over-regulation that slowed it down in the first place.

"This year's economic stimulus package seemed designed primarily to stimulate campaign contributions to incumbent Congressmen," he said. "The first and best step Congress can take to stimulate the economy is simply to get out of the way."

Bosse said the current protections are adequate to provide a safety net for consumers and promote faith in our banks. Bailouts only undermine that confidence, he said, but showing that bankers who make bad decisions won't have to pay the consequences.

"Failure is as important to market capitalism as success," he said.

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