Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Interview with the PBVRC

Grant recently conducted an interview with Nick Manganelli of the Pemi-Baker Valley Republican Committee. Check it out on their blog:

Q: Why are you a Republican?

A: I'm a Republican because the Republican Party has traditionally stood for smaller government, a strong national defense, and individual responsibility. I had the chance to meet Ronald Reagan when he was running for President in 1980. I was just seven years old, but I shook the hand of the man who would be President for the next eight years of my life. I didn't develop a true conservative philosophy until college, when I was forced to defend my political views on a very liberal Dartmouth campus.

In recent years, I've been disappointed in the Republican Party's failure to defend its traditional values. It seems Congressional Leadership was more interested in buying our vote than winning our vote, but they should have known that they could never outbid Democrats for our affection.

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